Detailed Instructions on 7 Ways to Fry Fish Crispy, Not Sticking to the Pan

Crispy Fish

Fried fish is a favorite dish of many people, but frying the perfect plate of delicious fish is an art. Please refer to how to fry delicious crispy fish without sticking to the pan with some kitchen tips below.

1. Let the Pan Really Hot and Then Put the Fish in

This way the fish does not release water when exposed to hot oil and does not cause the fish to peel off the skin and stick to the pan.

2. Use Flour

Before frying the fish, you can coat the fish with a thin layer of flour. This not only makes the fried fish more crispy and delicious but also prevents the fish from sticking to the pan when frying.

3. Avoid Frying Fish While It’s Still Water

Before frying fish, you should let the fish dry, if you don’t have time, you can use a paper towel to blot around the fish meat to drain.

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4. Do Not Let the Fire Be Too Loud When Frying Fish

When frying fish, the heat is too high, the water in the fish will escape and the fish skin will easily stick to the pan when frying.

5. Use Ginger to Rub the Pan Surface

This is one of the great tips that not all housewives know. Before frying fish, use fresh ginger close to the pan, then put the pan on the stove to heat the pan, then add the oil to boil and fry the fish.

6. Deep Fry in Oil

For whole fried fish dishes, a simple way is to fry the fish in oil. This method is effective when applied to deep-fried fish dishes.

7. Use a Non-stick Pan

The last and easiest tip is to use a non-stick pan to fry the fish. Note when using a non-stick pan, you should put oil in the pan from the beginning, do not let the pan be hot for too long before adding the oil, which will affect the durability of the pan.