The Benefits of Using Vegetarian Food

Vegetarian Food

Vegetarian has been practiced for thousands of years. People are vegetarian for a variety of reasons. Including health, religious beliefs, animal welfare concerns, or contributing to the conservation of the earth. It has become more popular than ever in recent years as more and more people are starting to cut meat from their diets.

The benefits that vegetarianism brings to our health are not well known such as:

Helps Improve Mood, Bring Happiness

Research has revealed that vegetarians are happier than meat eaters. Giving up meat and fish is one of the ways to deal with anxiety, depression and mental stress. The researchers explain two reasons for this result:

  • First, cutting back on meat means reducing your intake of certain types of excess fats (omega-6 and arachidonic acid) that have been linked to mood swings such as anxiety and depression.
  • The second is an antioxidant-rich vegetarian diet, which has the potential to protect the mood of vegetarians by reducing oxidative stress.

Therefore, you should be more vegetarian, limit eating meat, especially industrially raised animal meat. This will be a very good way to improve your mood and spirit.

Fight Disease

Vegetarian-vegan diets are low in saturated fat and cholesterol. Many studies show that a vegetarian diet can reduce the risk of obesity, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, tooth decay, colon cystic disease…

A vegetarian diet provides many factors that protect the body against disease and cancer risk such as: sulforaphane, selenium, cabbage, peas, carrots, radishes, tomatoes, garlic, mushrooms, chlorophyll, and antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E, alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein, cryptoxanthin…

Enhance Longevity, Be Healthy, Live Long

Vegetarian Food
Vegetarian food is mostly vegetables, grown from the soil, or seaweed… has a lot of nutrients but no toxins. These plants help the blood stay alkaline. Medicine is called alkaline plants. Vegetarians with clean blood should circulate quickly. Making the body light and comfortable, energetic, energetic, have good endurance, think quickly, and live a long life.

In addition, vegetarian food contains many amino acids that are beneficial to human health and in particular. It can completely replace the protein in fish meat.

Vegetarian Low Toxicity

Indeed, because the origin of meat is from cows, pigs, goats, chickens, ducks, etc., but when animals are in a hurry, anger or fear, toxins are produced in the body, which quickly spreads throughout the vessels. Blood and flesh throughout the body. This toxic secretion, normally full in the body, has the effect of “changing the old” to excrete it out, or through the urine. If the animal is killed in anger or fear, the body’s machinery is suspended. This toxin-secreting object is not excreted, remaining in the blood and flesh.

In addition, meat is low in fiber, leaving residue after digestion. The human intestine is relatively long. Food in the intestines for too long must go through unnecessary absorption, which will produce toxins, increasing the burden on the liver. In meat there is a lot of uric acids, urea, added to the burden on the kidneys, leading to kidney disease.

Weight Loss

Being vegetarian or vegan reduces fat tolerance, and vegetarians tend to eat portions higher in unsaturated fat than saturated fat than non-vegetarians. According to studies, some vegetables such as kale, spinach or lettuce, celery… are considered to promote a higher weight loss effect. These vegetables also contain a lot of fiber and calcium, making your weight loss more favorable.

In addition, the composition of raw nuts and whole grains contains a large amount of degrading enzymes as well as proteins that promote fat metabolism. Limiting fat storage in the body.

Gives Great Skin, Anti-aging, Helps Improve Eyesight

Vegetarian foods have a variety of vitamins and minerals that are essential for healthy and beautiful skin. Fresh vegetables and fruits, especially pumpkin, carrots, amaranth, and sweet potatoes, help fight skin aging effectively.

A vegetarian diet helps to have healthy, acne-free facial skin. Non-organic hamburgers and chicken can cause a hormone imbalance from which the sebaceous glands will work “extremely”. This is the main cause of acne on our face, as well as other types of acne.

While fasting, the digestive process is rested thus helping the body to focus on other processes such as removing dead skin, cleansing the blood, etc. which directly affects the skin and can improve the texture of the body. skin. Along with getting the skin they want, vegans tend to have better vision and less macular degeneration.

Improve Fitness, Bring Sports Performance

A plant-based diet is said to give people more energy, less pain and better health.

When adopting a vegetarian diet, endurance athletes improved both heart health and recovery time. In addition, because this diet provides more carbs than a high-meat diet, athletes are less likely to burn out during training and competition.

Faster and Fuller for Longer

Some people think that “Vegetarian easy hungry”. But you should clearly distinguish hunger from cravings. Because a cup of boiled green beans can fill you up for hours like eating beef. Vegetarian foods have a large amount of fiber, and the stomach will need time to digest. Helping to keep you full for longer.

A high-protein plant-based diet helps to fill the stomach but has fewer calories than meat, so it doesn’t affect calorie intake much.

You may not know, vegetarians follow a strict diet. Not only do they abstain from animal meat, but they also do not touch refined sugar and fats, chemicals, processed industrial foods.

Through this article, we hope you have more knowledge about the benefits of being a vegetarian to add to your daily menu, replacing animal foods. Whether someone is going vegan just for the sake of health or out of compassion for animals and concern for the environment, that motivational spirit is worth cherishing and spreading.