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Snail Hotpot With Fresh Coconut Water

Snail hot pot

Ingredients: 2kg snails Fresh coconut water Guava leaves, lemongrass Instructions: Step 1: Prepare Ingredients When buying, you clean, wash and leave the shell intact. Wash guava leaves. Lemongrass is washed and cut into pieces. Step 2: Cook Snail Hotpot With Coconut Water You put guava leaves and lemongrass cut into the bottom of the pot, […]

Instructions to Cook Delicious Seafood Mushroom Hot Pot

Seafood Mushroom Hot Pot

Eating rice all the time is also boring, change your family’s taste with a delicious and frugal seafood mushroom hot pot on the weekend. Read the following article to have a very delicious hot pot. Chicken bones are carefully simmered with spices to make the hot pot sweet and fragrant. Mushrooms and vegetables are just […]