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How to Cook Beef and Potato Porridge for Babies

Porridge Beef

Beef porridge is a dish that provides a full range of nutrients, helping the baby to develop optimally. Today Viet’s Restaurant Spring will tell you the secret to cooking beef porridge with delicious taste, suitable for children. Ingredients: 200g glutinous rice, plain rice 100g beef 1 potato Cooking oil, fish sauce, salt Baby porridge pot […]

Instructions for Cooking Delicious Seafood Porridge

Seafood Porridge

How to cook seafood porridge requires ingenuity in each operation to ensure delicious and nutritious porridge. The simple porridge recipe below will also help you know how to prepare the ingredients to avoid the finished product having an unpleasant fishy smell. Ingredients: 200g fresh squid 200g fresh shrimp 1 carrot 1 potato 1 handful of […]