How to Cook Beef and Potato Porridge for Babies

Porridge Beef

Beef porridge is a dish that provides a full range of nutrients, helping the baby to develop optimally. Today Viet’s Restaurant Spring will tell you the secret to cooking beef porridge with delicious taste, suitable for children.


  • 200g glutinous rice, plain rice
  • 100g beef
  • 1 potato
  • Cooking oil, fish sauce, salt
  • Baby porridge pot


Step 1: Wash the Rice

You wash the rice thoroughly, put the pot on the stove and add water to cook porridge.

Step 2: Preliminary Potatoes

Potatoes bought at the market, you peel and wash, then you cut the potatoes into dices and put them in the pot to cook until the potatoes are soft and porridge.

Step 3: Preliminary Beef

Beef is selected fresh slices, then minced or can be pureed with a blender. Wait until the pot of porridge boils, porridge and potatoes are tender, then drop the minced beef and cook until the meat is cooked.

Step 4 Finishing the Dish

When the pot of porridge starts to boil, you add a little cooking oil, fish sauce, iodized salt, season to taste with your baby and then scoop it out into a bowl.

Finished Product

Beef porridge is a dish that contains many nutrients. Please include this dish in the weekly menu for your baby and remember to share more experiences with Bach Hoa GREEN!