How to Cook Delicious and Nutritious Beef Porridge

Porridge beef

On cool days, there is nothing better than enjoying a delicious and nutritious bowl of beef porridge. Please refer to how to cook delicious and extremely simple beef porridge!


  • 400g of beef
  • 300g plain rice
  • 100g peeled green beans
  • 4 purple onions, 1 ginger, 3 lemongrass, 1 onion, 3 small turmeric, 1 green papaya, 1 garlic
  • Seasoning: Cooking oil, salt, seasoning, monosodium glutamate, pepper


Step 1: Prepare Ingredients

Lemongrass smashed and cut into pieces. Purple onions, ginger you bring toasted until fragrant, then peel off the skin. Peeled onions cut into thin slices; minced garlic. Peel turmeric, wash and cut into thin slices. Rice, green beans washed and drained. Green papaya, washed and cut into bite-sized pieces.

After being cleaned, put the beef in a pot of boiling water, add a few stalks of lemongrass, smash the beef for about 5-7 minutes, then take it out and put it in a bowl of clean water, wash it again, and then cut it into medium pieces. eat.

Step 2: Cook Porridge

You put a pot of water on the stove, wait for the water to boil, then add ½ of the green papaya fruit, then add the rice and green beans to cook the porridge, remember to cook the porridge on low heat to prevent the porridge from drying out quickly and burning. at the bottom. The time of stewing porridge is about 30-40 minutes, the porridge is pureed.

Step 3: Cooking Beef

While cooking porridge, you also put another pot of water on the stove, then put in the pot of purple onion and grilled ginger, lemongrass when the water boils, put the beef in the pot and put the green papaya in the common stew. It takes about 25-30 minutes to stew for tender beef. You take out the beef and cut it into bite-sized pieces.

You put the pan on the stove, wait until the pan is hot, add the minced garlic oil, then the lemongrass, turmeric and stir fry until fragrant. Then put the beef in and stir-fry together, add seasonings including: 1 teaspoon of salt, 1 tablespoon of seasoning, 1 teaspoon of monosodium glutamate, stir with chopsticks to stir the beef evenly.

Step 4: Cook Beef Porridge

After you finish stir-frying the beef, check the porridge to see if it is pureed, if the porridge is fine, add the stir-fried beef and stir well, taste if the porridge has just eaten, if not, you can add a little seasoning and stir. and then turn off the stove.

Step 5 Finished Product

So the porridge is complete. Ladle the porridge into a bowl and enjoy it right away!