How to Cook Delicious Asparagus Crab Soup

The asparagus crab soup that you often enjoy as an appetizer in parties is actually not difficult to cook but very time-saving. Let’s learn how to cook asparagus crab soup with Viet’s Restaurant Spring.


  • 1 medium sea crab (about 400-500g)
  • 1 small bunch of asparagus (About 8-10 plants)
  • 1 chicken egg
  • 30g corn flour
  • 10g of wood ear mushrooms
  • Salt, seasoning, pepper (Just enough, depending on taste)
  • Coriander (Just enough, depending on taste)


Asparagus crab soup has the sweet taste of crab meat, crab broth adds a very special sweetness from asparagus, making sure the whole family will love it. Follow these 5 steps to have asparagus crab soup.

Step 1

Wash the sea crabs and bring them to a boil. Remember to keep the crab broth to cook soup (The level of water depends on your family’s diet)

Next, soak the crabs in cold water to cool quickly and then remove the crab meat.

Step 2

Asparagus washed, cut off the old part then cut diagonally 2cm

Wood ear soaked, washed and removed the root, then cut into strips to eat.

Wash coriander, let dry.

Step 3

Beat egg yolks and whites.

Dissolve cornstarch with ½ cup of filtered water.

Step 4

Boil crab broth, add asparagus and wood ear, add salt and seasoning to suit family taste.

Continue to add the cornstarch that has been mixed into the pot, stirring to thicken the soup.

Wait for the soup in the pot to boil, then add the crab meat removed above, stir well.

After the eggs are beaten, put them in the soup, because the eggs are cooked very quickly, use a chopstick to stir them quickly so that the eggs are evenly dissolved in the soup.

Taste the seasoning to medium, when the soup boils again, turn off the heat, note that you should not cook for too long because the asparagus will be mushy and no longer delicious.

Step 5

Scoop the asparagus crab soup into a bowl, sprinkle with pepper and coriander on top to make it fragrant and beautiful.

The bowl of soup is smooth, fragrant with crab flavor, floating tiny egg veins mixed in the green color of asparagus is really very attractive. Asparagus crab soup is delicious when eaten hot, so take some time before meals to prepare this appetizer for your family.

Good luck!