How to Cook Delicious and Nutritious Duck Noodles

Duck Noodles

How to cook delicious duck noodles is a famous dish of the Chinese people and is loved by many Vietnamese people. Duck noodles are not only an attractive dish, but also have high nutritional value.

Step 1: Preliminary Processing

Use white wine and ginger to rub on duck, then rinse with water, drain. You use a brush to brush a layer of special soy sauce on the duck thighs to create flavor. Bring the oil to a boil, drop the duck thighs in and fry them until both sides are golden and fragrant. Deep frying in oil will help the duck skin to be crispy and when stewed, the duck will not be disintegrated.

Prepare the taste: 20g salt + 20g monosodium glutamate + 35g chicken powder + 15g rock sugar

Prepare flavor: 10g ginger + 5g white wine

Prepare ingredients: 15g longan + 30g jade bamboo +100g shiitake mushrooms

Blanching ingredients:

For 2 sets of chicken intestines, wash the salt until clean, drain, then cut into bite-sized pieces. Blanch two sets of chicken intestines in boiling water, then remove and drain.

Vegetable ingredients such as lotus root you cut into medium pieces, baby corn cut in half, carrot trimmed to your liking. Briefly blanch in boiling water, longan humiliation, jade bamboo, shiitake mushrooms until lotus root, baby corn and carrots. Then remove them, drain.

Step 2: Processing

*Cooking Broth:

Duck Noodles
You prepare a pot of boiling water, add the pre-weighed spice mixture, add 10g of ginger and 5g of white wine to the broth.

Add the lotus root, baby corn and shiitake mushrooms, then put two sets of blanched chicken intestines into the pot. Next, you put fried duck thighs into the stew for 45 minutes, then turn off the heat and you’ve finished the nutritious duck noodle dish.

*Noodles & Bok Choy:

Spindle 2 squeeze fresh noodles with boiling water. Bake the noodles for about 2-3 minutes, avoid leaving them too long, they will be too soft and not delicious. Take out the noodles and put them in cold water, rinse and drain. Then add 2 teaspoons of cooking oil to mix the noodles to prevent the noodles from sticking together.

Continue blanching bok choy for about 4-5 minutes, take out and soak in cold water, rinse and drain, then put on a plate.

Step 3: Present & Enjoy

Put noodles, bok choy into a bowl, fill the bowl with cooked duck broth and enjoy while still hot.

Potted duck noodle is a very nutritious dish, suitable for improving the health of the sick. Each noodle is soft and chewy, mixed in a bowl of rich, aromatic broth, biting into a piece of golden fried duck meat, an extremely attractive fatty leopard. Housewives, please save the recipe for delicious duck noodles here to cook for your family!

Good luck!